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Time to order IT!
I just got this info in a mail from Cemetery Dance. It: The 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition by Stephen King All of the preorders for the
Stephen King’s Battleground: The Book
When Nightmares & Dreamscapes aired on TNT back in 2006 my favorite episode was Battleground. Because of that I was very happy to find out that Gauntl
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Check out this interesting article about King called You Can't Always Get What You Want: On Stephen King.
King books during 2012
2012 is soon here and here is what you can look forward to (that we know today, I bet there will be more): Mile 81 (January 10) The Stand (audio)
Win a copy of 'Salem's Lot
On December 29, Random House re-issues ’Salem’s Lot in paperback and they have been very kind and given me 15 copies to give to you. In other word
A great documentary
I was lucky to get a copy of this documentary about KNB EFX Group called Nightmare Factory the other day (review coming along with my interview with G
King's Mile 81 on audio
This one arrived in the mail today. It's released on January 10th and includes both Mile 81 and The Dune. Pre-order your copy here.
Interview with Mick Garris
Here is an interview did with Mick Garris about Bag of Bones.
Fox reports about Ghost Brothers
Here is a clip from Fox about King and Mellencamps Ghost Brothers of Darkland County.
Rage Against the Night
Check out this new charity anthology to benefit King expert Rocky Wood's health care (he suffers from ALS). It has stories from authors like Stephen K
Scribners cover for Wind Through the Keyhole
Today, just a few days after Grant released their cover for The Wind Through the Keyhole, Scribner has released their cover. You can see a bigger vers
The Stand on Audio in February
King's official site just reported this great news! Random House Audio will be releasing the long-awaited unedited audiobook edition of The Stand w
Exclusive look at early 'working version' of WTTK
Donald M. Grant sent me an exclusive early 'working version' of the cover for The Wind Through the Keyhole. Most of the cover is the same but notice t
Interview with cast members of Ghose Brothers
Get an inside look at Alliance Theatre’s upcoming Ghost Brothers of Darkland County in this special video interview with cast members Justin Guarini
Original ending of 11/22/63
Originally King had a different ending to his latest book 11/22/63 but after a suggestion from his son, Joe Hill, he changed it and now it looks like
Excerpt from Wind Through the Keyhole
Head over to Donald M. Grant's site were you can read King's foreword and the 5 first pages from The Wind Through The Keyhole.
Cover of Grant's Wind Through the Keyhole
Here is what we have been waiting for. The Donald M Grant cover for The Wind Through The Keyhole. Grant is also starting to take orders for this o
King on McBain
Amazon has Stephen King and other authors to tell us how Ed McBain influenced them. Check it out here.
And the winner is...
Last week there was a contest here at Lilja’s Library where you could win a signed (by Mike Perkins) copy of the last issue of The Stand comic. The
Pre-order Bag of Bones on DVD has started taking pre-orders for Bag of Bones on DVD. No release date seems to have been set yet though. Pre-order your copy here.
King keeps people warm
King's radio station helps people keeping warm this winter. Read the full story here.
King Cast
Here is a link to the latest episode of The King Cast. This time they talk about last minute gifts ideas for King fans. Interesting stuff but what I e
King in Alpharetta
Here is an article about King’s signing in Alpharetta.
Rerun of Bag of Bones
Did you miss Bag of Bones? Now you can see both episodes on these dates: Friday 12/17 starting at 7 pm (Central) Friday 12/17 starting at 11 pm S
Press conference for Ghost Brothers
Here is an article about the press conference King, John Mellencamp and T-Bone did for The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County yesterday.
Audio excerpt from Mile 81
Mile 81 is released as an audio book on January 10, 2012 and here is an excerpt from it. And you can pre-order it here today.
1 month until sesaon 2 of Being Human
One month until season 2 of Being Human premiers and here is the latest trailer and poster.
King #2 on Simpsonlist
Here is an interesting article called 10 Famous Authors Featured on the Simpsons. King is on second place on the list.
Update on Creepshow figures
Head over to Shrunken Head Studios for a look at the progress of the Creepshow characters.
Gift and Limited edition of IT
Wanna know what the Slipcased Gift Edition and the Signed & Traycased Limited Edition of IT looks like? Check them out here.
Thanks for the support!
The number of people who "Like" and follow Lilja's Library on Facebook and Twitter keeps increasing and if this keeps up I might just need to run a co
Watch Bag of Bones online
For Part 1, A&E lured 3.4 million total viewers on Sunday evening, making it the top cable telecast for the night. And on the following evening, Bag o
Like or follow
Don’t’ forget to follow or “Like” Lilja’s Library on twitter or facebook to stay updated on the latest King news.
My interview with Mick Garris
Bag of Bones week ended last week here at Lilja's Library but since my interview with its director Mick Garris had some spoilers I didn't want to pub
My interview with Mike Perkins
The last issue of The Stand comic is done so what better time to talk to its illustrator Mike Perkins? Here you can see what he had to say.
King on The Killing
King on The Killing From the 12/16/11 issue of Entertainment Weekly: Like others, I was dismayed by The Killing’s decline from event televisio
Ghost Brothers in town...
This heads up was published on Alliance Theatre's facebook wall: Keep an eye out for amazingly talented "Ghost Brothers of Darkland County" cast. T
Premier party event for Bag of Bones
Here are some photos from the premier party event for Bag of Bones.
Brosnan talks Bag of Bones
Talk Stephen King has a recap of Pierce Brosnan's visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Pierce Brosnan, who plays Mike Noonan in Bag of Bones, was Ell
King's top 20
Here are King's top 20 of 2011. Quite interesting...
My review of Bag of Bones
Today, the fifth day of Lilja’s Library’s Bag of Bones Week, you can prepare yourself for the premier of Bag of Bones this upcoming Sunday by find
Pierce Brosnan visits The Ellen Show
Pierce Brosnan will be on The Ellen Show tomorrow at 4/3c to promote Bag of Bones.
Lilja's Library's Bag of Bones Week: Day 4
Day 4 of Bag of Bones Week here at Lilja’s Library. Today I got a sneak peak at the Sara Tidwell (The Lost Recordings from Stephen King's "Bag of Bo
'Salem's Lot re-issued
Random House is re-issuing ’Salem’s Lot. On December 27 you can get a copy but you can pre-order here today!
Bag of Bones - Behind the Curtain
Director Mick Garris writes about Bag of Bones in Behind the Curtain.
3 promos for Being Human
Thanks to Dread Central, here are three new promos for season 2 of Being Human. The new season premiers January 16th.
Description of Wind Through the Keyhole
It's only 4½ month to the release of Wind Through the Keyhole (about 2½ if you count down to the release of Grant's limited edition) and to whet you
Lilja's Library's Bag of Bones Week: Day 3
The Bag of Bones Week at Lilja’s Library continues. Today I give you an interview with Annabeth Gish who plays Jo in Bag of Bones. Please beware
Bag of Bones movie tie-in released today
The movie tie-in paperback edition of Bag of Bones is released today. Pre-order your copy here.
Extended sneak peek of Bag of Bones
Got a tip from A&E's facebook site about this extended sneak peek of Bag of Bones
Lilja's Library's Bag of Bones Week: Day 2
The Bag of Bones Week at Lilja’s Library continues. Today I give you an interview with Caitlin Carmichael, the youngest cast member of Bag of Bones.
King signing at Walmart
This was just sent to me in an email from Veryfinebooks: Book Signing Tour 11/22/63 Update Date: December 14 Time: 7:00 PM "Walmart will
Narrators of Mile 81 selected
Edward Herrmann and Thomas Sadoski will narrate the audio edition of Mile 81 that's released on January 10, 2012. Judging from the cover it looks l
Win a copy of Dark Score Stories
CONTEST IS OVER Are you disappointed that you didn’t win the copy of Dark Score Stories? I can sure understand that since it’s a really beautif
Lilja’s Library’s Bag of Bones Week: Day 1
Today I kick off Lilja’s Library’s Bag of Bones Week. All week long there will be interviews with the cast and crew of Bag of Bones, a review of t
Trailer for Haven's Christmas special
Here is a trailer for the Christmas special episode of Haven that airs December 6th.
And the winner is...
The comments contest is over and the lucky winner is my fellow Swede Anders Jakobson. One of the 250 copies done of Dark Score Stories is now heading
Trailer for Ghost Brothers of Darkland County
Check out this trailer for the upcoming Ghost Brothers of Darkland County.
New photo of Nathan Granthan
Here is a new photo of Nathan Granthan from Shrinken Heads facebook page.
"making of" Bag of Bones
Head over to A&E for a look at a "making of" Bag of Bones slideshow. You'll see how simple drafts and designs came to life in the movie and more!
Preview of Road Rage has released a preview of the upcoming Road Rage comic. You can check out the first 11 pages of issue #1 - Throttle as well as two add
11/22/63 on top 10
11/22/63 is listed on The New York Times Top 10 Best Books of 2011. A first for King! Congratulations!
Cool audio promo for 11/22/63
Check out this cool promo for the audio edition of 11/22/63.
Piper Laurie speaks Carrie
Actress Piper Laurie speaks about Carrie in this interview. Check it out.
The Lost Recordings from Bag of Bones
On iTunes you can now pre-order Sara Tidwell (The Lost Recordings from Stephen King's "Bag of Bones") - EP. The songs are performed by Anika Noni Rose