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Dark Tower Blog
"Here is a link to The Dark Tower blog on The latest posting details ..."
Secretary of Dreams vol. 2
"Today it was reported on King's official board that volume 2 of Secretary of Dre..."
The Mist start shooting in February
"Here is an interview with Thomas Jane in which he is talking about The Mist and ..."
Gunslinger trailer
"Here is a trailer for The Dark Tower comic. I must say that it's one of the cool..."
Read the first two chapters of Blaze today
"King gives ut the first two chapters from Blaze. Blaze excerpt now available ..."
King to attend the New York Comic Con
"With only about 50 days left until issue #1 of The Dark Tower comic is to be re..."
The Pop of King: 2006: My Top 10 Movies
"A new Entertainment Weekly column is out and it's called 2006: My Top 10 Movies...."
Ehren Kruger talks Talisman
"Ehren Kruger spoke to Fangoria about The Talisman, here is what he said: Ehr..."
The Dark Tower comic promo items is here
" Here is a photo of the Sketchbook, the door poster (rolled up), a Marvel prev..."
Letter by King reproduced
"Falling Angel is a book by William Hjortsberg and it has an original letter that..."
New books
"The Secretary of Dreams is now out. will have copies of the gift edit..."
The Pop of King: 2006: My Top 10 Books
"A new Entertainment Weekly column is out and it's called 2006: My Top 10 Books. ..."
King praises Meg Gardiner
"King has write a letter in which he praises of fellow author Meg Gardiner. You ..."
Carrie: A Period Piece
"Here is a review of the new stage adaptation of Carrie, called Carrie: A Period ..."
More Colorado Kid illustrations
"Here are two more illustrations from the limited Colorado Kid. The one to the le..."
Thomas Jane about The Mist
"Here is the latest on the movie version of The Mist: Thomas Jane, best known ..."
Secretary of Dreams released on Monday
"I just got some info from Cemetery Dance about The Secretary of Dreams and it se..."
The Talisman heads to TNT
"Today it was announced that TNT will develop The Talisman into a 6 hour series t..."
The 2007 Overlook Connection Catalog
"I got an email from Overlook Connection today telling me about their new website..."
Duma Key 835 pages long
"The moderator of King's official message board said that the first draft of Duma..."
The Pop of King: 2006: My Top 10 in Music
"King's latest column 2006: My Top 10 in Music is out in the December 8 issue of ..."
Very Fine Books new name
"The Very Fine Books contest ended some time ago and now the new name has been de..."
King and the LOST boys
"Here is what seems to be the complete article about King's meeting with the crea..."