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David Dastmalchian Talks The Life of Chuck
David Dastmalchian discusses his experience working with Mike Flanagan on The Life of Chuck and it’s good things he has to say… Getting to work
I’m interviewed In Kayıp Rıhtım
I just did an interview with Turkish Kayıp Rıhtım about Shining in the Dark that was just release there. You can check out the review here.
King Reading From You Like It Darker
King reading an excerpt from his upcoming collection You Like It Darker.
Nejen Horor, Out In May
Today my Czech publicher Carcosa released their cover for my book Stephen King: Not Just Horror. The book will be released in mid May.
Glen Powell Is The Running Man
Deadline reports that Glen Powell is set to star in the remake of The Running Man. Edgar Wright will direct and produce with his producing partner Nir
A Look At Stephen King’s Maine: A History & Guide
I’ve read the book Stephen King’s Maine: A History & Guide Now it’s somewhere in between. King fans will read it and wonder why there wasn't
Deleted Scenes From Stand By Me (With New Actor)
Here are some deleted scenes from Stand by me. There is also a different actor playing the writer in the end. Director Rob Reiner had trouble cast
Deleted Scenes From Creepshow
Here are a few interesting deleted scenes from Creepshow.
You Like It Darker Readers Announced
Exciting casting news: award-winning narrator Will Patton will read the audiobook edition of You Like It Darker with select stories read by Stephen Ki
King Reading From You Like It Darker
On April 18th at 2pm EST King will be reading an excerpt from his upcoming collection You Like It Darker.
Lilja Talks King On Swedish National TV
Today I talked Stephen King on Swedish national TV. So happy they celebrated his 50 years as a published author. Check out the clip here.
Carrie, 50 Years Today!
Today we celebrate that it’s 50 years since Carrie was released and King became a published author. Today he has published a total of 88 books durin
Release Day For Stephen King: Stories From Five Decades Of Storytelling
Today my book Stephen King: Stories from Five Decades of Storytelling is released in Sweden. It has already been sold to the US and other languages wi
Stephen King: Not Just Horror To Be Released In Spain
I’m happy to announce that Stephen King: Not Just Horror will be published in Spain. Apache Libros will release the book in 2024. More info to