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Thanks For 2016 & Happy 2017!
2016 is almost over and I want to take this chance to wish you all a great 2017 and also thank you for all your support during 2016. We have a lot to
Matthew McConaughey Talks Dark Tower
Here is an interview with Matthew McConaughey. Matthew talks about why he picked The Dark Tower over Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and he says "We’v
Ep 67: Stephen King in 2016 Retrospective
Welcome to the Stephen King Podcast Constant and New Listeners! Join your hosts - longtime Constant Readers - Hans Lilja of Lilja's Library an
Pennywise In Entertainment Weekly
It's now confirmed that the latest photo of Pennywise is from Entertainment Weekly. Director Andrés Muschietti (Mama) says this monster unsettle
Interview With Bart Mixon
Here is an interesting interview I did with Bart Mixon about how he created Pennywise for the original miniseries version of IT from 1990.
Is This A Second Photo Of Pennywise?
Here is what looks like another photo of Pennywise. No one seems to know where it's from though so judge for yourself if it's real or fake. Personally
Casting Call For Mr Mercedes
Casting Call for Mr Mercedes. Infant Twins and Drivers with Cars older than 2009 Production Description Casting the Audience Network 10-part TV
Look At Pennywise!
Here is the first photo of Pennywise from the film.
Ann-Margret Cast In Mr Mercedes
Ann-Margret has been cast in Mr Mercedes and will play the next-door neighbor of Bill Hodges. Ann-Margret will play will play Ida Silver, the next-
Jim Bishop Talks Hearts in Suspension
Jim Bishop editor of King's book Hearts in Suspension gave a talk at the Bangor Public Library a couple of weeks ago about the road to the books publ
New Dark Tower Image
Sony recently released a promotional photo for The Dark Tower on Twitter.
Hearts In Suspension Book Launch
Here is a video from the Hearts in Suspension book launch back in November.
Visit The Smallest Stephen King Museum
If you haven’t already, check out Marv’s Museum here at Lilja’s Library. It’s the only (as far as I know) museum that specializes in Stephen
IT Sounds
Bill Skarsgård (Pennywise) and Andy Muschietti (director) doing some ADR for IT.
Behind The Mist
Okezie Morro in the booth doing some ADR for The Mist. Got a little peek of episode 1 & 2 and I'm just a teeny bit excited...Can't wait for you guy
Fun Fact: The Stand
Josh Boone revealed that James Franco was attached to play Larry Underwood in his filmversion of The Stand. I was friendly with James because he wa
Exclusive Revival Concept Art
Earlier today I spoke to Josh Boone about the casting of Russell Crowe as Rev. Jacobs and he sent me this exclusive concept art for the movie done by
Russell Crowe Cast In Revival
I have reported earlier that casting was ongoing for Revial and now it’s clear that Russell Crowe has been cast as Rev Jacobs and that Josh Boone wi
IT Screening Today
Today the screening of the remake of IT happens and even though I doubt that we’ll get any details about it (the participants probably have to sign
A Christmas Card To The Readers of Lilja’s Library
2016 is soon over. 16 days left and then it’s 2017. And what a year 2016 have been here at Lilja’s Library. I can’t remember a single year durin
King’s Fans & Their Books; Add Your Photo!
Come on fans of the King. Show yourself with you beautiful King books. I know you have the books and I know you have the camera (or phone). And I want
IT Behind The Scenes
Two behind the scenes photos from IT. Richard Masur as Stan Uris Pennywise makeup test
Deborah Hartsfield In Mr Mercedes Cast
Deadline reports that Kelly Lynch has been cast in Mr Mercedes. Kelly Lynch has landed a key role in Mr. Mercedes, AT&T Audience Network’s upcomi
Two Movies About King On The Black List
The 2016 Black List is out and there are two movies about King. One about his life and one about how he did Maximum Overdrive. Remains to be seen if t
Stephen King on Childhood
"The things that really scare us are the things that are going on just outside the spotlight that you can’t quite see" - Stephen King on Octob
From Pet Sematary To IT
In episode #65 of The Stephen King Podcast Lou and I spoke to John Campopiano about his wonderful documentary about Pet Sematary, Unearthed and Untold
My Thoughts About Charlie the Choo Choo
Here is my thoughts about King's first children's book; Charlie the Choo Choo. And don't forget to send photos of you and this wonderful book for
Help Me Make Lilja's Library The Best It Can Be!
4,5 years ago I asked you all what you stuff you wanted to see on Lilja’s Library. A man called Lou Sytsma responded that he wanted to do a podcast
Fans Get Charlie the Choo-Choo
King’s first children’s book, Charlie the Choo Choo, is out and I would like to do the same thing I did when Mr Mercedes, Revival, Finders Keepers
Lilja's Library Highlight: December 11
ON THIS DAY IN 2011... ...the first of two episodes of Bag of Bones airs on A&E. Here is my review.
Lilja's Library Highlight: December 10
ON THIS DAY IN 1999... ...The Green Mile premiers in the US.
New Dark Tower Photo
Here is a new photo from The Dark Tower movie showing Idris Elba as Roland Deschain and Matthew McConaughey as The Man in Black.
All You Need To Know About Limited Charlie
Here is the latest info about the limited UK edition of Charlie the Choo Choo straight from Waterstones Customer Support: - The official line is th
King: Why Bob Dylan Deserves the Nobel Prize
Here is an article where King discusses his favorite Bob Dylan songs and why Dylan deserves the Nobel Prize in Literature. "People complaining abou
Mr Mercedes To Film In Charleston
Mr Mercedes is going to be filmed in Charleston. Stephen King's 2014 novel "Mr Mercedes," a police thriller and the first of the best-selling autho
What’s Happening At Lilja’s Library?
Here is a reminder of what’s happening here at Lilja’s Library. Christmas is soon upon us and if you haven’t gotten all your gift shopping do
You & Lilja's Library
As you know (and if you didn’t you do now) Lilja’s Library celebrates 20 years this year and I want to celebrate that as much as I can. And you al
The Making of the Dark Tower: The Art of the Film
This book looks more and more interesting if you ask me... The Making of the Dark Tower The Art of the Film By Daniel Wallace This deluxe, ill
Ep. 66: Shining In The Dark Music Room
Welcome to the Stephen King Podcast Constant and New Listeners! Join your hosts - longtime Constant Readers - Hans Lilja of Lilja's Library and
Interview With Luke Cosgrov From The Mist
Here is an interview with Luke Cosgrov who plays Jay in The Mist. "I'll be heading back to New York in January of 2017 to help promote the show,
Limited Signed Charlie the Choo Choo
A beautiful limited edition slipcase of Charlie the Choo-Choo will publish on 15th December 2016 and includes a numbered and signed print by Beryl Eva
Do A Shine Test In Sombra App
The Sombra app got an update today and if you go to the employees section (and login) you can now take a "Shine test". How td you login then you
My Thoughts On Pennywise Figure
Here Are my thoughts about this small Pennywise figure.
Gerald's Game On Netflix Early 2017?
Looks like Gerald's Game Might be released early 2017. Netflix will probably release “Gerald’s Game” in the spring. Mr. Flanagan said the ser
Watch IT On December 15th
Do you live in the US? Do you want to see the new IT movie on December 15? Well here is your chance. The film company is looking for fans between 18-4
Lilja's Library Highlight: December 2
ON THIS DAY IN 2004... ...the Book Faithful is released in the US. Here is my review of the book.
Charlie The Choo Choo Arrives In The UK 2017
Hodder & Stoughton’s Children’s Division will be releasing Charlie the Choo Choo in the UK on July 13 next year. You can pre-order your copy here.