The Actor


• Spectator in an audience


• Jordy Verill in the episode "The Lonesome Death Of Jordy Verill"

Maximum Overdrive

• The man who takes out money from an ATM machine

Creepshow 2

• A truck driver in the episode "The Hitchiker"

Pet Sematary

• Minister

Golden Years - part 5

• Bus driver


• Cemetery caretaker

The Stand - part 3 and 4

• Teddy Weizak


• Voice

The Langoliers - part 2

• Tom Holby


• A pharmacist named Mr. Banghor

The Shining - part 3 (The miniseries)

• Gage Creed, the bandleader for The Gage Creed Band

Storm Of The Century - part 1

• A lawyer in a TV commercial

Insane Clown Poppy (an episode of "The Simpsons")

• The voice of himself


• The voice of Brian

Rose Red

• Pizza delivery guy

Kingdom Hospital - part 6

• An AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) sponsor of the seismologist who is visiting Kingdom Hospital and he is only heard on the other end of the phone line as the seismologist first arrives in Lewiston.

Kingdom Hospital - part 13

• As Johnny B. Good and in the same (but longer) TV commercial that's in Storm Of The Century.

Fever Pitch

• Himself

Stephen King's Gotham Café

• An audio cameo performing the role of Mr. Ring, Steve's (not King) attorney.

Home Delivery

• As the president of the USA (animated).

Diary of the Dead

• Voice of a radio priest.

Sons of Anarchy

• Plays Bachman in episode 3, season 3.

Stuck in Love

• Plays himself.

Under the Dome

• Plays a guest in a café in episode 1, season 2.

Mr Mercedes

• Plays a dead chef in episode 6, season 1.

IT: Part 2

• Plays a pawn shop owner.

Money Heist

• Voice cameo as the English voice of a janitor in episode 7, season 5.