Lloyd Segan Comments on Haven Ending

Posted: August 20, 2015, 08:50
Just spoke to Lloyd Segan and when I asked about Haven being cancelled and according to him it wasn’t cancelled. This was what David Howe (president of the network) and the rest of the team envisioned it all to end over a year ago. I asked him if they did get a chance to do an ending or if the show cancelled after they were done with the season and here is what he answered.

Indeed the show was not canceled. A misfortunate headline. But yes all planned for.

Haven Cancelled!

Posted: August 19, 2015, 08:31
It looks like there will only be 13 more troubled episodes of Haven but on the good side it seems they managed to get a good ending to the show...

The Troubles are coming to an end. Syfy has canceled its long-running supernatural drama “Haven,” which will end its run after the upcoming 13-episode conclusion to its fifth season, TheWrap has learned.

The cable network aired the first 13 episodes of Season 5 in 2014, with the second half set to premiere in October.

Showrunner Gabrielle Stanton told TheWrap that even though the decision came after Season 5 of “Haven” had wrapped, the creative team was prepared for the end.

“I’m sure as a fellow TV fan, there’s nothing more annoying than when a show kind of feels like it might be wrapping up, but they just don’t address it, they don’t come to any kind of satisfying conclusion,” she said. “I always think that’s cheating the audience a little bit, of a nice satisfying ending. So we really looked at these 13 episodes as if… If we were indeed going to end, what would be the best ending we could possibly do for Haven?”

Vol.1 of Haven Season 5 Out Sep. 8

Posted: August 13, 2015, 10:08
The first part of season 5 of Haven is out on DVD and Blu-ray on September 8.

Haven Season 5: Press Release: "The Troubles are returning to Haven like never before in HAVEN: SEASON FIVE, VOLUME ONE, arriving on extras-loaded Blu-ray and DVD on September 8 from Entertainment One.

HAVEN: SEASON FIVE, VOLUME ONE, picks up with the aftermath of our heroes' victory over William. After having successfully banished him into the Void, Nathan and Duke are devastated to discover that the Audrey Parker they know and love has disappeared. In her place stands Mara, the unflinchingly malevolent "original" person responsible for creating the troubles many centuries ago. Finally freed from the confines of her do-gooder husks (Audrey, Lucy, Sarah, etc.), Mara proceeds to unleash a wave of chaos over Haven.


13 "Inside Haven" Featurettes
Haven: Origins: Witches Are Born
Haven: Origins: Native Breaks Free
Audio Commentary

Order here:

Haven Returns in October

Posted: August 6, 2015, 03:12
A new season of Haven will return in October. Here is a trailer.

Thanks to Lou Sytsma

First Haven Photo From Season 6

Posted: July 24, 2015, 22:34
No date has been set yet but here is the first photo from season 6.

When Season 5 resumes this fall, with the episode “New World Order,” “The tsunami of Troubles brought by Duke has Haven-ites locked down for their own safety,” showrunner Matt McGuinness tells TVLine. “Fortunately, Audrey and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) are locked down together, which is nice for them.”

Source: TV Line

Haven Contest

Posted: November 27, 2014, 11:28
Entries for the contest are starting to come in and it looks good. And remember that "illustrate" can be anything you want. Text, a photo, several photos, drawings, a song…well you get the idea. It can be anything you want it to be.

Good luck and why not use the free time during Thanks Giving (those of you that celebrate that) to go all in? Here are all the details

Win a Signed Haven Cast Photo

Posted: November 26, 2014, 15:35
I have a photo of the cast from Haven (Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Adam Copeland and Eric Balfour) that they all have signed and now I’m going to give it away to one of you. The only thing you need to do is enter this contest.

Usually there are a lot of rules with a contest but not this time. This time I want to give you the freedom to do what you want…almost. The only thing I’m going to give you is a one sentence instruction and then it’s up to you to run with it. And as long as you follow it you can’t go wrong.

I will then judge the entries and select a winner and I will tell you this. I will be picking the winner out of what I like, what I think is creative and what I think is fun. I want to be able to see that you have put some thought into it. OK, are you ready? Here it comes:

"Illustrate a trouble"

If you don’t know what this means you have probably not seen Haven but if you have you should know what I mean. Now it’s up to you. Run wild and send in your entry no later than December 20.

Send your entry to me by email info[a] and if you for any reason can’t send it by email. Please email me and we’ll work it out. OK, Good Luck!

William Shatner Goes to Haven

Posted: November 21, 2014, 21:52
William Shatner, the iconic Star Trek captain, recently teased on Twitter his gig on the Syfy series. Now, TVLine reveals that Shatner will recur in a four-episode Season 5 arc in "a seminal role," as a pivotal character that has the potential to forever impact the fate of the town of Haven and its Troubled residents.

Thanks to Lou Sytsma

Haven Origins

Posted: September 10, 2014, 09:38
Look out for a web exclusive look into the beginnings of Haven and the Troubles. All questions will be answered soon.

Haven Origins coming September 12.

Check out the trailer here.

Haven Gets New Time!

Posted: September 5, 2014, 20:02
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT HAVENITES! ‪#ýHaven5‬ premiere has moved from 10/9c to 8/7c! The date is still Thursday, September 11 on Syfy. Spread this faster than the Troubles!

Titles and Synopsis For Haven

Posted: September 1, 2014, 15:15
Here are the titles and synopsis for episode 2 - 5 of season 5 of Haven.

Episode 5.02 - Speak No Evil
Duke struggles to accept Jennifer's death; Nathan searches for Audrey in Mara's cruel personality.

Episode 5.03 - Spotlight
Dwight and Duke deal with a deadly trouble that threatens to burn the town to the ground.

Episode 5.04 - Much Ado About Mara

Episode 5.05 - The Old Switcheroo

Visit Haven

Posted: August 22, 2014, 08:51

SEA AND BE SCENE TV host Stephanie Beaumont joins stars Lucas Bryant, Adam Copeland, Colin Ferguson, John Dunsworth, Kyle Mitchell and Robert Maillett on the set of the Season 4 finale of the Syfy/Showcase original series HAVEN. Complete with a tour of the HAVEN 'hood, updates on Eric Balfour & Emily Rose.

Thanks to Lou Sytsma

Haven Returns September 11

Posted: August 9, 2014, 08:37
Season 5 of Haven premiers September 11.

Returns Thursday, September 11 at 10PM -- When the series returns for its fifth season, Haven’s protectors are thrust into uncharted waters: Duke (Eric Balfour) is now a ticking time bomb, fighting to contain the Troubles within him, while Nathan (Lucas Bryant) faces his greatest fear that Audrey (Emily Rose) -- the woman he’s fought so desperately to save -- may be gone forever.

Laura Mennell In Haven

Posted: June 16, 2014, 18:23
Spoiler TV reports that Laura Mennell has been casted in season 5 of Haven.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Laura Mennell, who played the “suggestive” Nina on Syfy’s Alphas, has joined Haven Season 5 in the recurring role of a brilliant (and, well, beautiful) epidemiologist from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who fears the titular town is on the verge of a deadly viral outbreak.

Mennell’s character is described as “a force to be reckoned with,” as Audrey (played by Emily Rose), Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Duke (Eric Balfour) quickly will discover. And while Dwight (Adam Copeland) will work overtime to keep hidden Haven’s secrets, the CDC whiz unknowingly uncovers a genetic marker found only in Troubled people. Could that mean a cure is around the corner…?!

Haven renewed

Posted: January 28, 2014, 21:39
Haven has been renewed for 26 episodes.

"Haven" has been renewed by Syfy. But there's more -- the cable network has renewed the Stephen King-inspired show for a split season of 26 episodes airing in 2014 and 2015, which is double the normal amount of episodes "Haven" normally has per season.

Season 5 of "Haven" is planned to premiere in the fall of 2014, when 13 episodes will air. The final 13 episodes of the season will follow in 2015. There is no word as to whether these will be the last episodes of the series or not.

Thanks to Ari and Lou

Haven synopsis

Posted: September 23, 2013, 15:13
Haven episode 4-7 synopsis:

Episode 4.04 - Lost and Found
Nathan and Dwight investigate missing children linked to an ancient legend; Duke tries to find Audrey by focusing Jennifer's trouble.

Episode 4.05 - Countdown
Nathan, Duke, and Lexie find themselves in a race against time to find the troubled person responsible for turning people hard as stone.

Episode 4.06 - The New Girl
Lexie, the new girl in town, joins Nathan on a hunt for a deadly trouble that changes its victims' personalities.

Episode 4.07 - Lay Me Down
Nathan and Lexie hunt a trouble that attacks Haven's citizens in their nightmares; Duke deals with the nightmare his brother has become.

Title and synopsis for episode 1-3 of Haven

Posted: August 21, 2013, 08:33
Episode 4.01 - Fallout
Six months after the events of last season, Duke is ejected from the barn-without Audrey and rescued by Jennifer, a young woman with a mysterious connection to a place she's never been: Haven.

Episode 4.02 - Survivors
As charred bodies are uncovered around Haven, Duke must refocus Nathan from his search for Audrey to solve the case at hand. Meanwhile, Audrey's fate rests with Jennifer, as she comes to terms with her own trouble.

Episode 4.03- Bad Blood
Nathan and Dwight race to search for the trouble behind a series of exsanguinated corpses before more blood is spilled. Meanwhile, Duke must convince his half-brother Wade to leave Haven before he learns the truth of the Crocker family trouble.

Plot info about Haven season 4

Posted: May 11, 2013, 04:49
Startling new mysteries and secrets are in the works as Syfy’s hit series Haven went into production on May 8, on an all-new 13 episode Season 4 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

When Haven premieres this October, Colin Ferguson (Eureka) returns to Syfy playing William, a handsome mysterious stranger, whose secret agenda leads him to Audrey (Emily Rose).

Season 4 of Haven picks up six months after the devastating events of the Season 3 cliffhanger in which the town was pummeled by a violent meteor storm. Audrey and Duke (Eric Balfour) vanished into thin air leaving an injured Nathan (Lucas Bryant) marooned in Haven.