A Very Dead Zone Christmas

Posted: December 12, 2005
Category: Movies
So, The Dead Zone has done a Christmas episode. I saw it and here is what I think about it.

First of, I don’t really like things that get to cute and this episode, A Very Dead Zone Christmas, was a bit to cute for me. It tells the story of how Johnny and Alex from an earlier episode of season 4 (Double Vision) finds a Santa that has forgotten who he is. They, in the spirit of Christmas, invite him to spend Christmas with them, Bruce and the Bannerman’s.

The same goes for three brothers Johnny and Alex catches when they tries to rob the Santa. The brother’s mother is dead and their father missing. They are also invited to Christmas dinner.

As suspected though it all ends happy. Santa remembers who he is, the three boys are reunited with their father and it starts to snow just before the end texts starts rolling...

Even though I feel very much in the Christmas spirit after watching this episode it’s a bit too much. It’s too cute. And the most important thing, it doesn’t feel 100% true to the characters. Not that they aren’t very good people but in this episode it feels like they have been picked out of The Dead Zone series and put in some family show to try and survive the best they can. It feels wrong. Especially Bruce that runs around like a half drunken chef. He is fun but it’s not him, if you understand what I mean…

Lilja's final words about A Very Dead Zone Christmas:

So, this isn’t one of the better episodes but if you get the chance you should still check it out and make up your own mind about it. Personally I’m glad I got to see it but now I’m waiting for season 5 to start.

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