The Boogeyman

Posted: June 8, 2023
Category: Movies
The Boogeyman, promoted as some of the scariest that’s ever been seen on the big screen. So scary that they had to edit it because the audience was so scared that they didn’t follow the dialog. Well, after seeing the movie I can tell you that it’s not true. The movie isn’t scarier than your usual horror movie at best. What it is though is a pretty stupid movie. Let me explain why.

But let’s start by looking at how well they use King’s story. There are a few minutes in there where they actually tell King’s story. It’s when Lester Billings talks to Dr. Harper and tells him how his kids were killed by the boogeyman. Here I hoped that they would let the movie show us Billings telling Dr. Harper his story. That way they could have told King’s story. Yes, I know they would have had to expand it to fill the entire movie but then it would still have been King’s story they had expanded. Now they tell a different story about how the Harper family inherited the boogeyman who now is stalking them. Don’t know why they made this mistake, but they did.

But what about the movie then? If you forget for a second that they missed the chance to do a King movie and just see the film as any horror movie out there. Does that make it work? Unfortunately, no. They said it was too scary for people to focus on what happened in the movie right? Well now it’s to stupid for me to focus on what’s happening. The worst example of this is Sawyer, the little kid who sees the boogeyman. She is extremely scared of the dark. She sleeps with so many lights on that her electrical bill alone would ruin the family’s economy but still, every time she goes up at night to see what that scary sound is she never, NEVER, turns on the lights. She walks around in the dark with just a ball that lights the space closest to her. Why? Also, when she plays her TV games, she does it in the dark. Why? And when they try to cure her from it, they do it by putting her in a dark room with a red pulsing light and a psychology that pops into the pulsating light (like a monster) saying “this isn’t that bad right?”. Why? Overall, they spend a lot of time in the dark trying to avoid a monster that can only exist in the dark. Why? I have no answers for you on all these whys? All I can think is that it was more important to make a cool movie than a logical one but that is something for the filmmakers to answer.

In the end I was hoping (yes, I still had some hope) that they would use King’s surprise ending but no, they didn’t. They missed that chance as well making it an ending like any other.

Lilja's final words about The Boogeyman:

In conclusion, this is a bad movie. They had the chance to get it right but failed. Should you see it? Yes! I see every King movie and so should you. See it and decide for yourself. A lot of people seem to like it (some seem quite angry that I don’t, not sure why) and maybe you will as well. Good for you. I didn’t but I’ll still be seeing the next King movie.