Posted: May 17, 2022
Category: Movies
A remake of Firestarter…is that something that we want? Well, the original from the 80’s is an okay movie but it’s outdated and the remake, if done right, would be something that I’d like to see. I recently saw the remake and even though I feared the worst I hoped for the best when I entered the theatre. It was the premier and I guess I should have been worried when it was only me and one other person in the theatre…

Well, did we get something that we needed? Nope, not at all. The filmmakers have stuck to a lot of the story but then for no apparent reason they have also changed a lot of it. One small change that is oh so annoying and unnecessary is that they have changed the name of The Shop. Or rather The Shop has evolved into something new but why change the name?

We get to see Andy (who here is actually someone else who is just using the name Andy as an alias) and Vicky (who is a rather unlikable character by the way) and what happened to them and also find out that Andy actually had some abilities even before the experiment. The kidnapping of Charlie is also gone. Now it’s Andy that’s being kidnapped and Charlie is the one that has to get him out.

It’s almost like Andy and Charlie are superheroes. Give them suits and some cool names like FireGirl and PushFather and you have the latest instalment of Marvel’s superhero movies. And the ending…don’t even get me started. It’s so stupid that I wanted to scream. What happened?


Rainbird killed Charlie's mother and now all of a sudden she takes his hand and wants to walk off into the sunset with him? Has she suffered brain damage? So stupid!


Lilja's final words about Firestarter:

So, to summarize this, I would say that the Firestarter remake is 2022’s biggest disappointment when it comes to King releases.