Mr Mercedes (S2) - Episode 5

Posted: September 20, 2018
Category: Movies
The season rolls on and after seeing half of it you can clearly see that it will be a slow season. I don’t mind though. I like these characters and I enjoy seeing them even though it’s a bit slow. “But you complained that stuff should happen in an earlier review” I hear someone saying. Right, I did and I want that but I feel that things are happening more now than it did then. We have action even if the main plot moves quite slowly. Bill keeps trying to find out how Brady managed to get inside the mind of Sadie while in a coma. And he is getting closer. Maybe not on to the how but the if. The evidence that Brady is involved is piling up.

After Brady, in the body of Al, breaks into Antonio Montez’s house, kills his dog and steals his gun he also writes down a sentence that Antonio told Brady while alone with him at the hospital. This proves to Bill that Brady is behind this. He has no idea how but he feels certain that he is and it will be very interesting to see how he figures it out. Dr. Babineau gets forced by Antonio, who has something to pressure him with, to get results with Brady. Antonio needs him to help his career and in order to do that he needs Brady conscious.

While all this is going on Lou is taking back her life. Well, at least in her loneliness in her own house. It will be very interesting to see what’ll happen when she actually meets Brady face to face if she does but it feels like she is about to take a hold of her life.

The characters are starting to get a purpose and interact. Brady is in his basement when he’s not joyriding someone. I like how they put Brady beside the one he rides. But that is just a visual thing for the viewer. He is really in the basement in his brain. We’re half way through the season and I’m getting more and more convinced that we won’t get our ending here. I feel quite sure it will spill into season three if there is one.

Lilja's final words about Mr Mercedes (S2) - Episode 5:

Poor Al. I like him and I feel for him. He’s really well played by Mike Starr and the character, even if he is just a vessel for Brady, works.