Children of the Corn: Runaway

Posted: March 15, 2018
Category: Movies
Children of the Corn is definitely the biggest movie franchise from King. There is so much wrong with that sentence but it is actually true…if you accept that the Children of the Corn movies are King at all that is. And I do. With the first movie there is no doubt. It’s based on King’s story and it’s actually a decent movie. The remake is also based on King’s story though that is not a good movie at all. The eight sequels… Well in a way they are based on King’s story but on the other hand they are just as much a cheap way to make money off the King name. Several of them could easily have been released as a non-Children movie and still worked as well (or as bad) as they do now. But we (or at least I) have to accept that they have a King connection, otherwise I wouldn’t review it here. Thankfully this will be the last one though since King now has the rights back to them and I can’t imagine him letting there be another one.

But enough of that, on to the movie. This is the ninth movie in the series and this one actually tries to connect with the first one. When it starts we see how a pregnant Ruth sets fire to a cornfield burning a lot of kids in the process. Then she runs from “He Who Walks Behind The Rows”. We jump 12 years into the future and Ruth is still on the run but now she has her 12-year-old son with her. Interestingly enough she doesn’t look a day older. Longer hair yes but no other sign that 12 years have passed. Maybe the corn keeps people look young?

Being forced to stay in a small town when the cops seize her car she starts working as a mechanic but all the time she keeps having visions of murdered people and this young girl in a yellow dress. The plot is not very logical and the next paragraph is going to contain spoilers so if you want to see the movie first then skip the next paragraph.

In town Ruth meets Sara who is also one of the children from Nebraska (Ruth doesn’t know that though), one that survived the fire and it seems she has been waiting for Ruth to show up. Opening a diner while she waited even. As it turns out Ruth is the girl in the yellow dress in her visions and it’s she that commits all the murders. She must have been in some sort of trance where she not only killed but also washed all the blood from the clothes. No, she doesn’t just change them because she only uses one set of clothes throughout the movie…or two if you count her work overalls. The movie then ends with her son killing her and becoming the new Isaac.

OK, we are once again spoiler free. It’s good to see that they are going for a twist at the end of the movie and it made me go “ahh..” and then I went back to sleep. Just kidding I didn’t sleep through the movie but I almost wish I had. It’s a bad movie with bad actors and a bad script. It’s not logical and it requires a lot of the viewers to stay to the end. So, in other words I got just what I expected. A really bad movie.

Lilja's final words about Children of the Corn: Runaway:

I’m glad that this probably is the last of the Children of the Corn movies and it’s very fitting that you at the end (after the end credit) actually gets to see parts of “He Who Walks Behind The Rows”. It was long since I laughed so hard…