Orbit: Stephen King

Posted: May 9, 2011
Category: Comics
Orbit: Stephen King is something so unusual as a biography over King’s live in comic format. Yes, you heard me…a telling of King’s life in the form of a comic book. The comic is released by BlueWather comics and they told me they were working with King when they created this and that is also the feeling I got when I read the comic. They asked him about his life and he answered and that in turn was incorporated in the comic and gave it the feel of King telling the story in firsthand.

The issue starts off with King’s accident back in 1999 and while King lies in the ditch we get his life story told. Since it’s told in a comic with only 23 pages it’s the shorter version we get but even so it gives the reader a good look into King’s live and how he became the well known writer he is today.

We’re told how his father left when he was a small boy, how King abused drugs for a long time, how Tabitha saved the manuscript of Carrie and a lot of other things that has happened to him throughout his life. We get to see how he met Tabitha and we see his kids. But still though, this is a short biography of King and a lot is left out. If you have read the big books about King and his life there isn’t anything new here but even so, I enjoyed reading it and it's an interesting way to tell King's story.

The comic is illustrated by Kent Hurlburt who's using a very sprawling style but I like it. I think it works well here and it gives the illustrations an extra edge that fits well for this comic. If you had asked me before this one I would have told you that it probably wouldn't be possible to tell King's story in comic format but it did and this is the proof of it.

Lilja's final words about Orbit: Stephen King:

As I said, if you're looking for new stuff about King this isn’t the place to go but if you want to read about King’s live in an easy and enjoyable way, get this comic!