The Gunslinger Guidebook

Posted: July 27, 2007
Category: Comics
The Gunslinger Guidebook has had a lot of release dates but now it’s finally landed on August 1, the same date that issue #7 of Gunslinger Born is released. After reading the guidebook I’m glad that they didn’t release it earlier. There are a lot of spoilers in it about what happens in the last issues of Gunslinger Born and for those of you that don’t know how the story ends it would have been unfortunat to read the Gunslinger Guidebook in advance.

The Gunslinger Guidebook is very much an illustrated version of Robin Furth’s The Dark Tower Concordance. Every important character has his or hers own section in which we get to learn the basic facts about that particular character. We get his or her aliases, nicknames, place of birth, occupation, known relatives, education, history, special skills and equipment. We also get information like height, weight, hair and eyes of that character.

In addition to that we also get information about the affiliation, gunslingers, Gilead, Hambry, Eyebolt Canyon, horsemen’s association, reaptide festival, End-World and Maerlyn’s rainbow. Those of you that have read The Dark Tower Concordance will recognise a lot of this. At the end we also get a Mid-World glossary.

So, is this something you should invest in even if you have The Dark Tower Concordance? Personally I definitely think so. The Gunslinger Guidebook is a very good compliment to The Concordance. This guidebook is sort of a light version of The Concordance that only covers the Gunslinger Born saga. It’s something that you read from cover to cover while The Concordance is more of a dictionary that you use to look things up when you need it.

My advice is to get the guidebook as a compliment to The Concordance. If you do, you will definatley be set with all the info you could possible need about The Dark Tower series.

Lilja's final words about The Gunslinger Guidebook:

I enjoyed the Gunsliner Guidebook very much and it was nice to get the series covered both with all the info we need as well as pictures of (almost) everyone. So, make sure you get this. It will not only give you a good time while reading it, it will also give the story about Roland’s early adventures more depth.

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