The Dead Zone - season 5, ep. 7 - 9

Posted: August 8, 2006
Category: Movies
So, three new episodes of The Dead Zone are up for review. Two have already aired and one will air later this week.

The first one is episode 7 that has the title Symmetry. This episode is probably the most confusing one that has ever been done in the entire history of The Dead Zone. For the first 20 minutes I had a really hard time understanding what was going on. After that though things are starting to get more and more clear and in the end you see that it’s actually rather cleverly done.

As it turns out Johnny has visions of three different persons that are experience the same events. For instance he’s experiencing hitting someone as well as receiving the punch… I know, it’s complicated but hang in there. It will all get sorted out.

This is also the first time we get to see three Johnny’s in the same frame. Very well done.

Of the three episodes reviewed here, episode 8, Vortex, is the best. It’s a Waco-like episode about a cult that is about to be under attack from the police. In an attempt to save a little girls life Johnny infiltrate the group. Pretty quick he realizes that a lot more then just a little girls life is a stake…

This is a very interesting episode. It’s told in flashbacks during a hearing about Johnny’s part in what happened. Here, as one of the accuser, we get to see Stillson again. I have surely missed him and was very happy to see him.

The chemistry between Johnny and Stillson is perfect. I’m actually a bit surprised that they haven’t used it a lot more then they have.

The last one (episode 9) called Revelations airs later this week and in it we get to know a hole lot more about Rev. Purdy's past when a woman shows up claiming to be his long lost daughter…

As expected Johnny checks her out and that is when we get to see Purdy’s past. It’s an interesting twist and Purdy sure is a character that we didn’t know much about before this. His past is, to say the least, shady and questionable.

Without saying to much it’s safe to say that it’s more then Purdy’s daughter from his past that is hunting him…

Lilja's final words about The Dead Zone - season 5, ep. 7 - 9:

My opinion that season 5 is a very strong season still stands. These three episodes are very good. The only thing I miss is Sarah. Sure she has been poping up from time to time but she hasn’t really had any affect on the plot and that I don’t like.