Daniel Webber

Posted: March 16, 2016
Daniel Webber plays Lee Harvey Oswald in 11.22.63 and I got a chance to ask him how he got the part and how hard it was to play someone who actually existed…

Lilja: How did you get the part as Lee Harvey Oswald?

Daniel Webber: I was working back in Australia when the audition came through. I basically stopped work then and there and began doing research on him, I knew I only had two days to work on him, so I focused on the main differences between myself and Lee, such as his accent and mannerisms. I did the test, sent it over to casting and heard back a month later that they wanted to offer the role to me.

Lilja: Was it a lot harder to play a character that has existed in real life than one that’s just fictional?

Daniel Webber: I think it helped, always having something to grab onto, you can always go back and check yourself if you feel lost in moments. I supposed it was harder in the sense of the amount of research you have to do for the role, there’s just a lot more available to research.

Lilja: How much research did you do?

Daniel Webber: I had two months where I just dove right into reading everything I could for that time period and watch anything available to me. It was a hell of a lot.

Lilja: Had you read Stephen King’s book prior to getting the part?

Daniel Webber: No, I read it once I found out I was going to be offered the role

Lilja: Are you a fan of Stephen King and if so, what is your favorite book of his?

Daniel Webber: I had never read a King novel before this, I grew up reading fantasy. I think he would have terrified me growing up. I truly love his films however, The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption.

Lilja: If you could go back in time and decide yourself to when, where would you go?

Daniel Webber: I wouldn't go back, I feel like I would just mess things up. Let James Franco handle the past, right?