And the winnser are...

Posted: June 18, 2007, 00:10
OK, all 32 winners has been drawn but before I reveal their names I want to give you all the right answers:

Question: Was Misery supposed to have been a Bachman book if it hadn’t been revealed that King was Bachman?
Answer: Yes

Question: At the end of Blaze there is an excerpt called Memory. What book is that from?
Answer: Duma Key

Question: Where did King first reveal that the new Bachman book would be called Blaze?
Answer: At a press conference in London in November 2006 when he was asked for the title by Lilja.

Question: What did Bachman die of and when?
Answer: He got “cancer of the pseudonym” in 1985.

Question: In what book was Bachman mentioned as King’s inspiration for writing the book?
Answer: The Dark Half.

Question: How many books has Bachman released, including Blaze?
Answer: Seven books: Rage, The Long Walk, Road Work, The Running Man, Thinner, The Regulators, Blaze.

Question: What is the name of Bachman’s wife?
Answer: Claudia Inez Bachman or Claudia Inez Eschelman

And here are the winners:

Monday's winners:

UK hardbacks goes to Larry Fire and Sharon Haas from the US

UK audio goes to Marcus Caesar from Sweden and Jérémy Guerineau from France

Tuseday's winners:

UK hardbacks goes to David Carroll from Australia and Carlos Segnini from Venezuela

UK audio goes to Joshua Fowler from the US and Jaime Harrison from the UK

Wednesday's winners:

UK hardbacks goes to Louis Sytsma from Canada and Han Cuijpers from the Netherlands

UK audio goes to Tim Norman and Martin Waite from the US

Thursday's winners:

US audio goes to Tracey Byram from the US, Brendon Boyce from Australia, Joe Brailsford from the US, Karen Hockenbewrry from the US and Rik Hosken from the UK

Friday's winners:

US hardbacks goes to Vic Thompson from the UK, Lisa Wilson from the US, Marcus Eriksson from Sweden, Keijo Nima from Finland and Pete Willis from Australia

Saturday's winners:

US audio goes to Alex B. Willis from the US, Cyrus Simcoe from the US, Joshua Moehling from the US, Aaron Najera from the US and John Suit from the US

Sunday's winners:

US hardbacks goes to Brian O'Hara from the UK, Rein Heek from Poland, John Arvid from Norway, Sue Carroll from the US and Beth Green from the US