The Dark Tower Comic Week Day 7

Posted: April 23, 2007, 00:11
The second contest in The Dark Tower Comic Week is now over and here are the right answers:

Question: What other King story was Ralph Macchio involved in turning into a comic?
Answer: The Lanwmower Man for Bizarre Adventures

Question: What was Robin’s first assignment for King?
Answer: It was to sort through the thousands of responses King had gotten to the On Writing story competition.

Question: What date is issue #4 of The Dark Tower comic released?
Answer: May 2nd 2007

And the five winners of a set of issue 1-7 are:
Hannah Beck from the US
Le Cerf Philippe from Belgium
Marco Lammers from The Netherlands
Lauren Roberts from the UK
Michael Emerson from the US

And the winner of a signed (by Jae Lee) copy of one of the issues in the series are:
Linda Kinder from the US.

Congratulations! Some of you were very lucky. Of the original 6 winners I picked only 2 where members on my list so the other 4 (including the grand prize winner) where disqualified…

This ends the The Dark Tower Comic Week but I want to thank you all for doing this a success. I have gotten a lot of mails about it and it’s been 100% positive. So Thanks!

Oh, and I’ll soon have another contest for you...