Welcome to The Dark Tower Comic Week

Posted: April 16, 2007, 00:00
Welcome to The Dark Tower Comic Week here at Lilja’s Library. During this week (April 16 to April 22) I’m going to give you interviews with the top people involved with creating The Dark Tower Comic.

Here is all you need to know about it...

Monday April 16:
The week kicks of with a contest. All you have to do is answer three questions correct and you have the chance to get either a set of issue 1-3 (2 winners) or a random selected variation cover (3 winners) of The Dark Tower Comic. This contest will run from on minute past midnight April 16 to one minute before midnight April 19.

You’re also going to hear from Marvel’s editor-in-chief Joe Quesada and his involvement with the comic.

Tuesday April 17:
Today I’m talking with the editor of The Dark Tower Comic, Ralph Macchio to get his thoughts and ideas about the series.

Wednesday April 18:
Today it’s Robin Furth’s turn to talk about her involvement in the comic.

Thursday April 19:
Today the winners in the first contest is drawn. A second contest also starts. This time, like the first, there is three questions for you to answer and this time five sets of issue 1-7 is at stake. Also one of you can get a signed (by Jae Lee) copy of one of the issues in the series. This contest will run from on minute past midnight April 19 to one minute before midnight April 21.

Friday April 20:
Today the turn has come to Richard Isanove, the colorist on the project. We’ll get to hear his thoughts on the project.

Saturday April 21:
The interview series ends with an interview with Peter David who is doing the scripting for the comic.

Sunday April 22:
Today the winners of contest #2 is announced and the week ends.

I hope you will all enjoy this week and please leave feedback when you enter the contest or through mail. I also want to thank Silver Bullet Comics who is sponsoring the contest, Jae Lee for signing the grand prize. He wanted to do an interview but his work schedule prevented him from doing it…and I think we all agree that we rather have him creating the comic then doing interview, right? I also want to thank Marvel for their undivided support!