Mr Mercedes Set To Premiere This Fall

Posted: January 31, 2017, 09:18
Production on the 10-episode show from Sonar Entertainment is underway in Charleston, SC and according to this article the premiere is slated for this fall. Casting for Mr Mercedes is coming together. Here is a list of what we know so far.

Brendan Gleeson (Detective Bill Hodges)
Harry Treadaway (Brady Hartsfield)
Jharrel Jerome (Jerome Robinson)
Justine Lupe (Holly Gibney)

Scott Lawrence (Detective Peter Dixon)
Robert Stanton (Anthony “Robi” Frobisher)
Ann Cusack (Olivia Trelawney)
Mary-Louise Parker (Janey Patterson)
Holland Taylor (Ida Silver)
Kelly Lynch (Deborah Hartsfield)
Breeda Wool (Lou Linklatter)