King's Dark Tower to become a comic book?

Posted: April 1, 2001, 19:08
Yes, it seams to be true. Comic Book Galaxy reported the following:

Well, Marvel has managed to do the near impossible, and gone bigger than Clive Barker. Basically, who's the biggest name in horror?

Stephen King, plain and simple. Starting off with a bang in October will be the new horror imprint, pioneered by four books spinning out of the mind of Stephen King. While the master of the macabre himself won't be writing any of the books, the ideas and characters are purely his. The only confirmed title we have at the moment, though, is a comic adaptation of the acclaimed Dark Tower series. From all I've heard and been sent, the title of the series should be Gunslingers, and while based on the Dark Tower mythos, it will have no impact or continuity with the novels themselves.

I wish I could tell you more about this truly groundbreaking development, but that's all I've been given, and told to sit on. I know that this is going to sour any further information I receive, but I think the comics readers needed, if not deserved, to be told the truth about what's going on in the next year or so.

Personally I have a hard time seeing King releasing the rights to The Dark Tower, he always seams extra protective about them...