New King Interview

Posted: November 7, 2014, 10:00
Here is a new interview with King about Revival but he also mentions two other very interesting things. The first one is that he is working on something with his son Owen. No info about what or when we might read it but it will be interesting to see how they collaborate.

I enjoy working with them, though, because we fit together. I've got something going with Owen now, and I've collaborated with Joe on two novellas, Throttle and In the Tall Grass.

The other thing is that he isn’t done with Stu and Frannie from The Stand. There is still a short story about them that needs to be told…

There's one Stand story that still needs to be told, although it's not a long one. I happen to know that when [Stand characters] Stu Redman and Frannie Goldsmith headed back to New England (with their baby), Frannie fell into a dry well. That's all I know. I'd have to write the story to find out what happens.

Check out the entire interview here.

Thanks to Rocky Wood and Lou Sytsma