King on Horns & Hill On Good Marriage

Posted: October 10, 2014, 14:59
King and his son Joe Hill comments on eachothers movies in Vulture.

What Do They Think of Each Other's Movies?
We reached out to Hill and King to find out what the father and son had to say about the other's movie.

Hill: "A Good Marriage explores a grim subject — what if the person sleeping next to you every night was a monster? — with a moral intelligence and a calm, clear-eyed authority that is rare in any form of storytelling, but especially in the movies, and especially these days. I'm a words guy, and I thought this film was full of great ones. Also I'm sick of CGI skyscrapers collapsing in a big crash of digital dust and Dolby noise. I'm bored of CGI robots beating dents into each other. All the software in the world can't give you a great story or a wrenching performance like you get in MARRIAGE from Joan Allen. To me, those unique human contributions are the first and best effect of them all ... and the one reason to still love the movies."

King: "I liked Horns for the crisp, bright cinematography, but what I loved about it is the fearless way it mixes humor and horror, creating an all new taste treat. Daniel Radcliffe's performance encompasses both the laughs and screams effortlessly. I go to the movies to be entertained. Horns was big entertainment."