Why was Getting It On rejected

Posted: February 15, 2001, 19:02
Darrin passed along this really cool excerpt from The Missouri Review that includes an internal memo stating WHY Knopf decided, in 1971, not to publish a novel called Getting It On by a certain young author named Stephen King. You might know this novel as Rage:

The Missouri Review
Volume XXIII, No. 3
Pages 133-134

"Publication is not Recommended: From the Knopf Archives"

KING, Stephen

A high school student who has been expelled for accidentally hitting a girl over the head with a baseball bat gets a gun out of his locker, kills the Latin teacher, and takes over the Latin class. He calls this "getting it on." While the police, national guard, and other assorted "pigs" are trying to figure out how to get him out of the classroom, he's regaling the kids with his life story (his parents hate him, of course), and then the class turns into a group therapy session, with everyone telling their "real" feelings about things. I didn't stick around for the ending, but I'm sure it would make beautiful (and nauseatingly typical) television.

S. MacGillivray 11/3

Did S.MacGillivray make a mistake or what...