Early press for Movie Trivia Book

Posted: August 27, 2012, 22:34:02

Here are some early press for my upcoming book (done with Kevin Quigley and Brian Freeman). Check it out!

ďNight Flier is underrated, and I donít know why The Dead Zone isnít considered a classic piece of 1980s cinema,Ē said Kevin Quigley, Co-Author of The Illustrated Stephen King Movie Trivia Book, ďBut oh boy, are some bad. I canít believe I sat through The Mangler. And you know how people say that once you get to a certain level of rich, none of it starts being real anymore? Thatís how it is with the level of bad in the Children of the Corn movies. Although I will reluctantly say that Children of the Corn II actually isnít terrible. Or Ďasí terrible.Ē

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