Update on Last Rung on the Ladder

Posted: July 4, 2001, 00:39
The reports of the project's death have been greatly exagerated.

In Late october, Tim Pugliese got a call that his father's mastasticized cancer had come back and nothing could be done for him. They gave him just a few months. Shortly after getting the news, Tim went back to Ottawa to take care of him. His father passed on March 24, 2001.

Tim has just returned after having to stay longer to help get his father's affairs in order. He has been trying to put his life back together again.

Unfortunately, Lisa Goodness left Bangor, and moved to Florida. She's 'uncast' from Last Rung, and a few others simply vanished, it seems. So, now they have to start all over again.

They managed to get the elusive video edit card for the computer ($800). They're currently searching for the proper shotgun mic and sound mixer for the camera. Then they'll be ready to recast. But there are no firm dates right now.

Lately, they've been working hard producing STRANGE AMERICA. Since it got on commercial TV in April, they've now ended up with a deadline. Strange America has been a template for upcoming projects. They've improved camera angles and found where their technical shortcomings were.

Thanks to Rosandra.