UR winners selected...

Posted: February 22, 2010, 12:32
The UR contest is over and here are the five lucky winners and also the right answers:

Question 1: Who narrates UR?
Answer 1: Holter Graham

Question 2: Where could you buy UR when it was first released?
Answer 2:

Question 3: What device did you need to read UR when it was first released by Amazon?
Answer 3: A Kindle

Question 4: Has UR ever been published in a book or magazine?
Answer 4: No

Question 5: Is the running time for UR more or less than 3 hours?
Answer 5: Less, it’s approximately 2 hours long

And the five winners are: David Spell, Larry Ouellette, Andrew Meeker, Raymond Muraida and Cyrus Simcoe. A copy of the audio version of UR will be on its way to you soon.