Mellencamp talks Ghosts

Posted: February 1, 2008, 21:06
Here is an interview with John Mellencamp from Rolling Stone:

RS: Can we have an update on the Stephen King project [the "play with music" The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County]?

JM: We have another workshop in New York coming up, and from there it goes into production in Atlanta, Georgia next spring. And then if it goes well in Atlanta, then we'll come to Broadway. If it don't go well in Atlanta, we're done.

RS: What can you tell me about working with Stephen?

JM: Oh, I love Steve. Steve is nothing like everybody thinks he is. Steve and I really have a lot in common. He lives in the middle of nowhere. I live in the middle of nowhere. He's not comfortable being around a lot of people. I'm not comfortable. We just have a — you know, we're kinda antisocial guys, and, of course, we're bigmouths.

RS: How did working in this new medium, the play, challenge you both?

JM: Steve is not used to a live performance. I am. So whenever the stage goes dark, he's pumped up, man. He's excited. Somebody came and watched the last reading that we had in New York and reviewed it. The review said this is a musical that men will enjoy. Unheard of, the guy said.

Thanks to Bev Vincent