Haven - Episode 8

Posted: September 24, 2010

In episode 8, called Ainít No Sunshine, every King fan will recognize the reference to ďThe Dark ManĒ thatís used in the episode. The Dark Man here isnít quite the same as in Kingís books though but the reference is there none the less. Here The Dark Man is someone that gets blamed for a lot of murders. No one has seen him clearly but everyone has a description of him and none of them are the same. So, what is The Dark Man? Well, youíll seeÖ

Also in this episode Nathan gets more serious with his new love interest Jess and we get to learn that Nathan isnít feeling anything. I know he couldnít feel pain but I didnít know that he couldnít feel the touch on his skin or a kiss on his cheek but that apparently this is the case. That makes him very nervous when it comes to dating and being intimate with women...

Vince and Dave also get a bigger part in this episode. Not that they makes it go in a particular direction but they are there. Duke isnít though. Ainít No Sunshine is yet another episode where heís absent. I will admit that the episode works without him but I had expected to see more of him to be honest. Eric Balfour who plays Duke was promoted as much as Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant (Audrey and Nathan) was but they definitely get a lot more air time than he does.

Some thoughts on the scriptÖ

For this script look Iím going to look at the different parts of the script. The first thing we get is a cover that tells us who wrote the script, who directed it and when it was written.

Next we have the cast list that lists all the characters and the person playing them. This is followed by a note to the directors and cast with some guidelines. After that we get a set list which tells us what interiors and exteriors are needed for the episode.

After that the episode itself begins with a teaser that gives us a first indication on whatíll happen in this particular episode. Itís followed by a number of acts and in between we get the commercials. The episode then ends with a fade outÖ

Lilja's final words about Haven - Episode 8

This is a very interesting episode. I canít help wonder how much of The Dark Man is a flirt to the King fans watching the series and how much is because the name fits the character. Someday maybe weíll knowÖ

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