All That You Love Will Be Carried Away

Posted: August 17, 2005

This is the second (there is also a third) Dollar Baby based on Kingís story All That You Love Will Be Carried Away that I have seen. The story is one of those that easily adapts to the screen but itís not the same as saying itís easy to adapt it though. This is a very emotional story that has to be told in the right way or youíll ruin it.

Scott Albanese, the films director, has done a good job and the feeling from Kingís story is there. Itís a little short though (15 minutes) and could easily have been about 5-10 minutes longer without loosing its feel. It would have given it more depthÖI think.

Still itís a good movie and itís a good performance from Kent Vaughan as Alfie. Iím not sure it itís he who is the narrator as well but the voice that does the narrating (I think itís Kent) is very good. It fits the mood of the movie very well.

The problem with these Dollar Babies is that they are pretty hard to come by. If you get to see them itís probably in small format online or at a film festival. Still, they are often worth seeing even if in small format and this one certainly is no different.

Lilja's final words about All That You Love Will Be Carried Away

If you get a chance to catch this one in a festival or online you should definitely take it. Kingís feeling is here, the acting is good, the movie is good. See it if you can.

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