Posted: June 10, 2016

After being ready, just waiting for distribution, for almost two years Cell is finally being released. And it pains me so much to say that I almost wish it hadnít. There are some good in it but there are several major mistakes. The biggest, the one that gets this reviewer really angry (and you wonít like me when Iím angryÖsorry that is another movie), is that they change things for no apparent reason. They have Clay in an airport when the Puls happens instead of on the street of Boston. We do get Pixy Dark and Pixy Light and many of the events from the book but why have them taking place in the airport?

When Clay meets Tom he is no middle-aged gay man. Now he is a subway driver that knows his way around guns. Why? I loved the gentle Tom from the book and here he is a totally different character. Only reason I can see for this change is that they wanted more of an action character. Tom is played by Samuel L. Jackson and he plays Tom very much like he played Zeus Carver in ďDie HardĒ.

Instead of first going to a hotel, meeting Alice and then going to Tomís house they go straight to Clayís apartment where Alice is his neighbor. [Side note] tell me if Iím crazy but the dialog when Alice comes to Clayís apartment must be from the song ďLukaĒ by Suzanne Vega [end side note]. Why make that change? I can see how they wanted to shorten the story but why not let it still be Tomís house? That would have worked just as well. Alice in the movie has no problem taking up a gun and killing people and I also think that Isabelle Fuhrman who plays her looks much older than 16Ö The Raggedy Man is now the main villain from Clayís graphic novel (say what?) and itís like Clay knew about this before it happened. The list goes on and on Iím sad to sayÖ

Other problems the movie has is that the events happens too fast. Tom, Clay and Alice figure things out way too fast for it to be believable. The special effects leave a lot to be desired. Some of them are okay but most of them look pretty fake. Some of the kill scenes almost look comical. Donít get me wrong they are brutal and there are loads and loads of blood but still they look comical. And Clayís hat, whatís up with that? He puts it on at the airport like a talisman and he looks ridiculous in it throughout the movie. I wish John Cusack who plays Clay would have said no to that.

So, I can see why this movie was on the shelf for two years while trying to get a distributor. Itís not a good adaptation of Kingís book. The script is supposed to be written by King and Adam Alleca but whoís done what I donít know. I have a hard time seeing King rushing the story along as it is here but that is just a guess on my part. Anyhow, the movies two biggest problems are that they rush it which gives what happens zero credibility, you donít care about the characters and it seems illogical. The other problem is that they have changed a lotÖand I mean a lotÖof the story without any obvious reason and that I donít like. I understand that some things might be changed for one or another reason but here we have a ton of very strange and unnecessary changes.

I did start off with saying that itís not all bad right. Well, there is one thing that I liked because it was so unexpected and that is the end. They have (once again) made a change from what happens in the book but this time itís quite surprising and that was actually a positive thing to end with.

Lilja's final words about Cell

To finally see a movie after waiting for it so long and then find that itís bad (and I had low expectations to start with) is a real downer. I so wished for this one to be good and worth the wait but Iím sorry to say that it was not.