Fall of Gilead #6

Posted: December 27, 2009

The last issue of Fall of Gilead tells of just that, Gileadís fall. Farson and his men are not stopping for anything and even if Roland and his gunslingers had a good plan to stop him there is nothing they can do. Gilead is lost in an epic battle with a large number of casualties due to Farsons cruelness.

The issue is one of the cruelest so far in The Dark Tower comic saga but itís also one of the best. Itís also a perfect ending to the story arc. Gilead falls and the gunslingers have to flee. What lays in their faith now no one know but Iím sure they will try to get revenge of Farson, Marten and the others who killed their family and friends without hesitation.

About the illustrations there isnít much new to add. They are just as good as they have been for a large number of issues and that I have come to expect from the people involved. But with that said they donít offer any surprises either. We get what we expect, no less and no more.

The written segment is by Robin Furth and in it she tells us her feelings about how hard it was to plot the issue we have just read. Most of what she has told us up till then has been hinted in the books but here she had to figger out most of the plot herselfÖ

Lilja's final words about Fall of Gilead #6

This issue is a worthy ending to the story arc that itís part of and it also leaves a lot open for the next story arc to pick up on. It will be very interesting to see where it all talks our heroes when we see then next time.

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