Children of the Corn

Posted: October 7, 2009

The new version of Children of the Corn is quite similar to the original to begin with but pretty soon it strays of on its on path. Unfortunately itís not a good path itís taking but back to that later on.

When the movie starts of we get to meet Vicky and Burt who are on their second honeymoon. Why is a mystery though since they bicker all the time. Vicky is a real pain in the ** and Burt is a bully who thinks he knows it all because he was in Vietnam. They are both very rude to each other and their bickering soon takes over the entire movie and all you do while watching wishing that they would stop and let the movie role on. And even though this part is a bit more true to Kingís story then the original movie itís still very annoying.

Kandyse McClure who plays Vicky never really makes the character work. As a viewer you donít care whether she live or die, you just want her to shut up and that is sad. I guess they tried to make us feel for Vicky and Burt and we do the opposite.

Up until they hit the kid, who comes running from the cornfield, the movie is quite similar to the original but from here on it takes it own path. Now we get Burt who is some Rambo look alike that stands up to the kids and almost dare them to attack him. We get a kid leader, Isaac that looks like a mushroom with his way to big hat. I find myself screaming for John Franklin to return as Isaac. He wasnít the best actor Iíve seen but compared to Preston Bailey he does a hell of a lot better.

The other kids, except Daniel Newman who plays Malachai, are so bad that I almost canít stand to look at them. They canít act and they donít feel like they are invested in their roles at all. Itís almost like they have picked them up from the street the very same day the shooting started.

Where does that leave us then? Well, what we get is a remake that isnít any better (well, maybe a tiny bit better) then all the sequels weíve been getting since the first film was released. I had high hopes for this one but Iím afraid they were crushed along the way.

Lilja's final words about Children of the Corn

So, why isnít this a great movie? It follows Kingís story better than the original shouldnít that mean that itís a success? Not this time and personally I am convinced itís because the bad acting we see in it.

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