Desperation (DVD)

Posted: September 18, 2006

The DVD edition of Desperation is out. What I think of the movie itself you can read in my review from when it aired on TV. Here Iíll focus on the extra material thatís on the DVD.

Unfortunately there isnít that much extra material on it. Whatís here is very interesting though but I would like to get more. Earlier there where talks about a behind the scenes but it seams Lionís Gate dropped that one.

The main item here is something called ĒPostcards from Bangor, MEĒ. This is short interviews with King and Garris in which they talk about the movie, different aspects of the movie vs. the book and how they transformed it from the book to the screen. These clips are very good and could easily have been 3 times as long without getting boringÖprobably even longer.

We also get a commentary track with Garris, Ron Perlman (who plays Collie Entragian in the movie) and producer Mark Sennet. The commentaries are very entertaining and the chemistry between Garris and Parlman is superb. They joke with each other and seams to have very fun doing this commentary. It was also the first time Parlman saw the entire movie and that gave the commentaries a nice touch.

Besides this there is also a trailer for Desperation but thatís it. Hopefully Lionís Gate will release a special edition of the movie down the line with the behind the scenes feature and even more interviews. This is a good movie and it deserves more extra material.

Lilja's final words about Desperation (DVD)

If you didnít catch it when it aired on ABC you definitely need to check out the DVD release. And even if you did check it out on TV you will need to get a copy for your collection. Itís definitely worth its place there.

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