Thoughts About The Second King Book For 2021

Posted: October 15, 2020, 15:06
As we know now King has a new book besides LATER coming in 2021. So far nothing has been confirmed as to which book it is, when it’s being released (probably in the fall), what the title will be or what it’s about. There have been quite a few speculations online and I thought I would go through the options and how likely they are.

The Assassin (not confirmed title):
This book King has been talking about earlier this year. He mentioned it in the King & Grisham event on April 29 and said it’s a crime novel about a hired assassin. This is probably (not confirmed) the book that has the scene when two of the characters go on a cruise and because of that King had to change the year it took place from 2020 to 2019 due to the fact that no one go on cruises in 2020 due to Corona.

I would say that this is probably the book we will see released in 2021.

A totally unknown book:
King have surprised us before with books that we haven’t heard anything about until very close to the publication. This could be one of those books.

There is a chance that King have been working on this alongside “The Assassin” and finished it first so it’s possible that next year’s second book is an unknown book.

A short story collection:
The last collection, not counting If it Bleeds was Bazaar of Bad Dreams back in 2015 so King probably have a few short stories but the question is if he has enough for a collection? He might. So far, we know about The Music Room, Thin Scenery, Laurie, The Turbulence Expert and The Fifth Step.

If next years book is a collection King have been working hard writing short stories. He will have to have written at least five or six stories. Not impossible but not that likely either…

The Dark Tower (not confirmed title):
King has said very vaguely several times that he would like to go back to The Dark Tower but so far we have no indication that he has.

I’m convinced that we’ll get more “Dark Tower” books in the future but I don’t think we’ll get one in 2021. It’s not impossible but I would say that the chance of a new “Dark Tower” book in 2021 is very small.

The Talisman 3 (not confirmed title):
This book has been the subject to numerous rumors and each time King and Straub ends up in the same picture people think they are writing it. The last concrete thing we heard about it was back in 2016 when King said that they hoped to start it in February 2017. We know that didn’t happen.

It would be a dream come true to many fans if we got the third book about Jack next year, but I find it very unlikely that it will happen. I think we would have heard something if King and Straub had started working on it. But you never know, stranger things have happened, but I still hold this as the least likely book for next year.

Those are my guesses, what do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Have I missed any book King have mentioned?