Posted: February 25, 2020, 08:36
In April Ekström & Garay will release VARSEL I MÖRKRET (Swedish edition of SHINING IN THE DARK and now you can get a free (signed by the editor Hans-Åke Lilja) copy. All you have to do is show your biggest fear. And you need to show it with a photo. No text is allowed. Three lucky winners will be drawn from the entries.

- There is no limit for how many photos you can send. One person can only win once though.
- It’s allowed to include numerous persons in the photo but there can only be one contender/photo.
- The same photo can’t be sent in by more than one person.
- No text is allowed, only the photo.
- The photo must be sent to no later than midnight between April 13 and 14.
- The winners will be presented on April 20.