Silver Bullet 2 and Pet Sematary 3

Posted: November 18, 2003, 00:00
Bloody-Disgusting reports that Silver Bullet 2 and Pet Sematary 3 soon is in the making. Here is what their source reports. And please not that they say it may just be a rumor and not true info...

"There are plans to make a Silver Bullet 2 with Stephen King as a consultant but he will have nothing to do with the writing dutie's the story will revolve around Corey Haims character all growing up in the same small town as the original with some new cast. The details have yet to be worked out but it looks like that might happen. But for the big news that I know every one will love to finally hear, Pet Sematary 3 is a go were going to be going on a script that was written back in 93 when plans for Pet Sematary 3 was shelved. Like part 2 Pet Sematary 3 will have nothing to do with the one before, Mary Lambert is in talks to direct this but we are looking into other directors in case she passes. Filming plans to start in April for a sometime later fall release. Please get the word out the more anticipation will help this film in the long run I don't want to see this film killed before it starts again same for Silver Bullet 2."

Personally I have a hard time believing that King would agree to be a consultant for Silver Bullet 2. King in known for his dislike of sequels. I put my money on that this is just an Internet rumor.

In true news. Bev Vincent was recently interviewed in a web magazine called Linear Reflections about his writing.