Unaired pilot of The Dead Zone

Posted: September 9, 2003, 00:00
Here is a short summary of the unaired pilot of The Dead Zone that you could get on DVD for free when you bought the first season on DVD. I hope you all got it. There will be a review of it here soon.

On the DVD you get the original 84 minute unaired pilot that has quite a few different scenes. Most obviously with Michael Moriarity as Reverend Gene Purdy instead of David Ogden Stiers and a different, tall, blonde actress playing reporter Dana Bright.

The disc contains some extras as well. It has yet another audio commentary, this time with Lloyd Segan and Shawn Piller. There are also several promos for Season 2. Some easter eggs including trailers for The Dead Zone & Rose Red. 10 minutes of deleted scenes with timecode including some footage that was re-shot different ways or in different locations. There is even some stuff that appears nowhere else. All shot by another director. The deleted scenes have an optional audio commentary.

The score for this pilot is also done by someone else and some of the music is changed like it doesn't have Steely Dan's Do it Again during the Wheel of Fortune scene.

Thanks to Terry Warrick for this brief review.

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