Stationary Bike, Scramble Game and Hollywood's Stephen King

Posted: July 2, 2003, 00:00
A new story called Stationary Bike by King will appear in Borderlands 5 released by Borderlands press. The book will be released in November and it will contain stories byauthors like Bev Vincent (author of The Road to the Dark Tower), Brian Freeman and Whitley Strieber.

On Scribner's King site you can now solve a scramble puzzle. The puzzle contains an illustration from Wolves of the Calla.

Now you can download Act 1 and see the video preview of episode one of the new summer season of The Dead Zone.

Here is the cover to Anthony Magistrale book Hollywood's Stephen King that will be released in November. You can preorder it here from or here from

Here is a new interview with King in which he says that all The Dark Tower books will be rewritten one day...

Thanks to Jonathan Reitan.