Promotion of The Dark Tower 1-4

Posted: June 13, 2003, 00:00
I got some info about how King will promote The Dark Tower 1-4 and it seams like there will be plenty of TV, radio and in print. I'm happy to be able to present this list of where you can check it out and what you can expect!

For The Dark Tower 1 - 4:

June 23 "Today Show"/ Interview, in the 8:00 hour
June 23 USA Today, cover story of Life Section
June 24 "NewsNight with Aaron Brown", interview
June 23, 24 Syndicated Print Interview: feature will run in St. Louis Dispatch, Denver Post, Austin American -Statesman, Milwaukee Journal, and St Petersburg Times
June 24 TV Satellite tour- details below
June 25 Radio Satellite tour- details below

June 24 TV SATELLITE TOUR-all times EST
8:32-39am: Baltimore/AM News/ FOX/Live
8:40-45am: Cleveland/"Good Day Cleveland"/ FOX/Live
8:49-54am: Sacramento/ "Daybreak"/ CBS/ Live
8:55-01am: Chicago/ "WGN Morning News"/ WB/ Live
9:03-08am: Miami/ "5:30PM News'/ CBS/ Taped
9:09-14am: Denver/ "9 News AM"/ NBC/ Taped
9:15-20am: tk
9:20-26am: Dallas/ "Good Day"/ FOX/ Live
9:30-36am: Chicago/ "FOX Thing in AM"/ FOX/ Live
9:37-42am: Boston/ "Evening News"/ NBC/ Taped
9:43-48am: Phoenix/ "AM News"/ NBC/ Taped
9:49-54am: San Francisco/"Eyewitness News Early"/CBS/Live
9:55-00am: tk
10:01-07am: Los Angeles/ "Eyewitness News"/ ABC/ Taped
10:09-14am: tk
10:15-20am: Philadelphia/ "10AM News"/ NBC/ Live
10:30-35am: Detroit/ "AM News"/ FOX/ Taped
10:36-41am: Portland/ "AM Northwest"/ ABC/ Taped
11:25-30am: St. Louis/ "Today in St. Louis"/ NBC/ Taped

NYC/ WOR-AM/ Taped
June 25 RADIO SATELLITE TOUR- no times supplied
Nat'l/USA Radio/Live
Nat'l/ Metro Networks/ Taped
LA/ KFI-AM/ Taped
Chicago/ WLS-AM/ Live
Philadelphia/ KYW-AM/ Taped
Dallas/ WBAP-AM/ Live
Detroit/ WJR-AM/ Taped
Houston/ KTRH-AM/ Live
Miami/ WIOD-AM/ Taped
Seattle/ KIRO-AM/ Live
San Diego/ KYXY-AM/ Taped
Phoenix/ KTAR-AM/ Live
Pittsburgh/KDKA-AM/ Live
Portland/ KXL-AM/ Taped
Cincinnati/ WLW-AM/ Live
Sacramento/KFBK-AM/ Taped
San Antonio/ WOAI-AM/ Live

For The Dark Tower 5:

Oct. 30 Good Morning America

Oct. 30 Jacob Burns Film Center (Westchester, NY)

May 1 Seattle Times, thriller/fiction summer round-up
May 4 Charleston Gazette, fall preview
May 15 Montgomery Advertiser
June 1 Florida Times Union, summer round-up
June 5 Kansas City Star, fall preview
June 8 Denver Post, fall preview