A new chance...

Posted: January 20, 2012, 18:14
Remember my contest when Bag of Bones aired? The one where you could win the very limited book Dark Score Stories (limited to 250 copies and lately sold for $376 on eBay)?

Well, one of the winners from that contest has apparently moved and after 2 weeks of trying to track him down without success I have given up. So, here is what I will do with that extra copy:

I will draw a new winner on February 1st and since it was one of the facebook winners that couldn’t be reached I have decided that it’s most fair to draw a new one from my facebook followers. So, on February 1st I will draw the winner from everyone that follows Lilja’s Library on faceboook AND has "Shared" something I have posted in the Lilja’s Library facebook group (each "Share" is a chance to win).

Good luck to everyone.