Salem's Lot

Posted: May 5, 2003, 00:00

Denis Gatiatullin was kind enough to send me some images from the set of Salem's Lot.

Horror author Tom Piccirilli (a.k.a. Pic) has announced in his newsletter that he has put together a poetry collection to be published by Cemetery Dance Publications in "early Autumn '03", titled The Devils Wine.

About 75% of the book will be previously unpublished new poetry" and will contain poems by such authors as Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Peter Straub, Graham Masterton, Charles De Lint, Jack Ketchum and many others.

The King poems, although already published elsewhere, are VERY hard to find. The six poems, which were published in University of Maine publications are:

- The Hardcase Speaks (Contraband #2, 1971)
- Harrison State Park '68 (Ubris, 1968)
- The Dark Man (Ubris, 1969)
- Donavon's Brain (Moth, 1970)
- Silence (Moth, 1970)
- Untitled ("...In the Key Chords of Dawn...") (Contraband #1, 1971)

Cemetery Dance is NOT taking preorders right now so please don't call or email them for details about the book. The best chance of purchasing The Devil's Wine should sign-up for either of their email lists.

Thanks to Jonathan Reitan for this info.