The Running Man 2

Posted: May 27, 2003, 16:02
'StraightShooter' has this piece on the sequel which not many were clamoring for: "Basically some of Rodmans sponsors were shown the second draft over February. Karen Craig wrote the script from memory - and its pretty good. Pretty much action-focused, but lots of black humor littered throughout. In this one, a star athlete named Carter Riley is forced to do time on the killer game show when he's wrongly accused of murdering a fellow team mate. There's a really awesome death scene where a fellow contestant gets his just desserts on the show co-host by using her head to fill a mesh net - very neat. Arnold's character, Ben Richards, appears in a scene towards the middle of the film. I think they'll be hard-pressed getting Arnold to do the cameo, but hey you never know. I can't imagine anyone else doing the part, and I doubt they'll work around it because the appearance is integral to the lead characters ultimate victory in that "shadow aid" kind of way. The film is supposed to be shooting in Canada mid-year sometime, no idea of director or other stars. I do know though that they're hoping to put it out theatrically".

Thanks to Dark Horizons.