John Mellencamp interview

Posted: July 15, 2002, 11:27
John Mellencamp recently did an interview and in the introduction the following can be read:

Mellencamp, who co-founded the Farm Aid benefit concerts with Willie Nelson and Neil Young in 1985, is now working on a project with best-selling author Stephen King. King is writing the book, Mellencamp the music for a theatre presentation about an American family.

This isn't 100% correct though. King is NOT writing a book, only the play. There aren't any plans for a book.

Here are the two questions that concerns King:

Q: Peaceful World took on a new resonance for listeners, obviously, after Sept. 11. Have the events affected your writing since then?

Mellencamp: I haven't written since then, except for a few small smatterings for a musical I'm working on with Steve King. As you may or may not know, Peaceful World was written a few years before Sept. 11. I think all songs that are not just pop throwaways would take on a new meaning after such a tragedy.

Q: What's it like collaborating with Stephen King? Can you tell us any more about the project? And I hear King has his own rock band -- you ever give him any lessons?

Mellencamp: Steve is an honest gentleman, a person of integrity, and has written a beautiful story. Hopefully, we can complete this project before this time next year. But he is busy and so am I. And as far as his rock band goes, well -- I tuned his guitar once and Steve certainly looks cool.