Creepshow animated series

Posted: April 14, 2003, 00:00
Creepshow will be a new half-hour animated horror series.

Here is what they say:

YTV, Canada’s leading network for children’s programming, has joined forces with Vancouver’s SecondSun Entertainment and Minds Eye Entertainment to produce CREEPSHOW, a new half-hour animated horror series aimed at the 12-17 age demographic. “It will be a suspense thriller series,” commented series producer Chris Delaney, “with all kinds of bizarre characters and unique plot twists and turns to keep the kids on the edge of their seats. It will be scary and fun at the same time.” No word on whether the kid’s show will retain elements from Romero and King’s film of the same name or the classic EC horror comics it was inspired by, but here’s a few plot teasers: a babysitter is attacked by monster children; a robot comes to life and does battle with its owner; a teenage girl home from a mental institution is stalked by a maniac with red, glowing eyes. Spooky! Saunter over to the Rue Mortuary to discuss.