Sad news for The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon

Posted: February 23, 2002, 23:16
In an FAQ at Ain't it cool News they reported the following sad news about the movie version of The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon.

In the course of the Q & A, I found out that "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" doesn't have enough star-power potential; there just aren't enough 12 year-old girl actresses who have drawing power. So that film might never get made. I was forlorn, and felt like vomiting. Man, George and Stephen King, when collaborating, produce some fun stuff (come on, how can anybody forget, "Thanks for the ride, lady...thanks for the ride!" You know, Creepshow II?...never mind.) Granted, "The Girl..." hardcover can be purchased at Barnes & Noble for $4.95 'cause it is one of the worst things Steve ever wrote. (Give him credit, though: He had just got knocked the fuck out by that lunatic that ran him down.) Either the girl lost in the woods lives or she dies...not the most layered of plots, but hey, if George was writing the screenplay with Steve helping, it would be great. Well, it's all moot now, cause George says he's probably won't be able to do it--the lack of star-power thing.