The Dead Zone and more

Posted: April 3, 2003, 00:00
Here are a bit more info about the DVD box set for season 1 of The Dead Zone:

Release date: June 17, 2003
Number of DVDs: 4
- Disc #1:Episodes 1-3
- Disc #2:Episodes 4-6
- Disc #3:Episodes 7-9
- Disc #4:Episodes 10-13

Interviews with Michael and Shawn Piller
Behind-The-Scenes Interviews with cast, crew and creators
In-depth tour of the Dead Zone's visual effects
Special Collector's packaging

Pre-order here

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I also want to make a clarification. The black and white cover for Wolves of the Calla that I put out on my site yesterday isn't the final cover. This is from a promotional item. The color cover for the audio edition is the final version though so please check out that if you want an idea of how the book cover will look like (without the audio related text that is). Also, this is the cover for Simon & Schuster's editions.

Thanks to Terry Warrick for this.