Little movement for Children 8

Posted: December 12, 2003, 20:36
Joe Harris talks about Children of the Corn 8.

Here is what he said acording to Bloody Disgusting:

"Darkness Falls scribe Joe Harris told us there's little movement on his Children of the Corn sequel, but that he's got some great ideas for it. "I've written the next installment of The Children of the Corn franchise for Dimension, I've also been working on a slew of new horror and comic book-based movie projects that will cause a lot of my friends, fans and even enemies to raise an eyebrow". So what's the idea for "Corn 8"? "Make it scary again. The original concept and story in Stephen King's novella (which really did come across in the first film) is creepy as hell: children killing adults, for the glory of God (such as it is). I think kids are scary. They shouldn't be but they are, to adults. I want to get back to that exhilarating fear of being chased through the cornfields by scythe-wielding children. I want to bring out these children's inner 'Lord of the Flies' and get away from the neo-Amish vibe they give off. My children hunt in packs and pile on once they bring down their prey. They don't stop tabbing, ripping and tearing until you're dead. Then they feed you to the Corn God. This stuff should make you go, "Holy ****ing ****!" It will, if I have my way."