Dimension reserves King’s “1408”

Posted: November 7, 2003, 22:21
Dimension has bought the film rights to 1408. Here is a report about it from Fangoria:

November 6: Dimension reserves King’s “1408”

Variety reports that Dimension has bought the film rights to Stephen King’s story “1408,” which appeared in the author’s audiobook collection BLOOD AND SMOKE and then in the print anthology EVERYTHING’S EVENTUAL, and will turn it into a feature. The tale tells of a successful writer of spooky fiction who encounters real terror when he checks into the titular room of the Dolphin Hotel. We had previously reported here that Eli Roth was scripting a film based on this story, but now Matt Greenberg, who worked on the scripts for HALLOWEEN: H20 and MIMIC, among others, for Dimension, is penning the adaptation. Former Warner Bros. honcho Lorenzo di Bonaventura is producing through his new company.

Thanks to Mike Cahill and Johnny Butane.