Ramones cover and more

Posted: February 1, 2003, 00:00
Here is the cover of the Ramones tribute album that King has written liner notes for.

Bag of Bones scheduled for a 2004 theatrical release? It might be possible.

A review of the script of Secret Window, Secret Garden can now be found online, Michael Piller will attend a chat on the official Dead Zone site and here are The Rock Bottom Remainders tour dates for 2003:

Seattle: April 23, 2003 (probably at the Experience Museum)
San Francisco: April 24, 2003 (Great American Music Hall)
Los Angeles: April 25, 2003; Actor/writer Steve Martin will interview the Remainders at UCLA to kick off the book fair; this will be filmed for an upcoming documentary on the band.
Los Angeles: April 26, 2003 (LA Book Fair, afternoon, outside on UCLA campus, free concert!)