Mr Mercedes (S2) - Episode 6

Posted: September 27, 2018
Category: Movies
In this episode Brady is finally starting to communicate with the outside world. It begins when Lou is visiting him and telling him what a piece of {beep} he is and asks him why he spared her. Why didn’t he kill her? Brady answers on the communication equipment Dr. Babineau has installed for him. But soon he realizes what he’s done and tries to erase the message before anyone can see it. He almost succeeds but Dr. Babineau sees the letter ”M” and knows Brady is in there. They do a brain scan on Brady and get confirmation that his brain is actually reacting to what’s happening. Brady is in there, deep in his useless body.

Bill finds out as well that Brady is in there and tries to convince Dr. Babineau and his wife to let him help them get Brady out. They refuse, and it turns out that the wife has lied to Dr. Babineau, the Chinese company that she works for tried the drugs on prisoners. Some got the drug, and some got harmless pills. Turned out the ones who got the drug got inside the minds of the ones who didn’t and made them kill themselves. Now we are starting to get a grip on what it is Brady might actually be able to do.

This is where the plot centers in this episode; it’s a good episode and now it’s out in the open that Brady is in there and that he can actually affect people. And as a confirmation on this Bill gets a text message that seems to come from Brady as the episode ends. Not sure how he managed to do that but it seems he did…

Lilja's final words about Mr Mercedes (S2) - Episode 6:

Once again a good episode. The plot moves along in a steady pace and I like that. Things are happening but not rushed. I also like that we get to see more from inside Finders Keepers.